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What is Pellet Heating?

Cost Effective, Environmentally Friendly and Easy to Use - Enjoy the warmth and comfort of a wood fire without the hassle of chopping, splitting and stacking! No more firelighters, kindling or smoke in the room while you try to get the fire going.  Automatic wood heating with up to 30 hours burn time.  Real flames with real wood without the inconvenience of traditional wood fires.

Pellet heating has been popular in Europe and North America for over 35 years and is now gaining momentum in Australia thanks to the cost efficiency and increased supply of wood pellets for burning.

What is Pellet Fuel?

Pellet fires are fuelled by pellets made from recycled sawdust waste that would otherwise be designated to landfill.  Natural compounds hold the compressed product together so they contain no additives or glues.  Premium pellets are clean and smell pleasant.  Corby's Heating & Cooling supply pellet fuel and deliver statewide in NSW & ACT.

How do Pellet Heaters work?

They have a hopper to store pellets that are automatically fed into the fire pot where an electric ignite lights the fire.  A thermostatic controller regulates fuel delivery and output and once the hopper is filled, will last for up to 30 hours depending on the size of the heater and type of fuel.  Enjoy the heat radiating from the glass front while the fan spreads heat from the fire around an area up to 170m2

How much does it cost?

After you purchase and install your heater - you only need to buy pellets in 15 or 20kg bags at around $15/bag.  One bag will burn for up to 30 hours and a typical customer uses around 1 tonne of pellets per winter season which equates to around $750/year.  Bags are clean and compact and 1 tonne can be stored in an area 1.6m3. 

What are the benefits over wood?

  • It's Clean!  No ants or spiders in your wood, no mess in your house. Low emissions (virtually smokeless).  A wood fire alternative for asthma and allergy sufferers.
  • It's Convenient! Fast warm fire at the flick of a switch.  No need to constantly feed wood in the fire. No hassles with lighting the fire or storing the wood.  No more getting up in the night to stoke the fire.
  • It's Economical!  Using a recycled, easy to store and use fuel source as a relief from electricity, oil, wood and LPG.