Wood Heating

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Choosing the Right Heater

There are a range of wood heaters to choose from to suit every lifestyle and home.  They include:

  • Freestanding with cooktop option.
  • Freestanding with fan or radiant only.
  • Inbuilt fireplace models with fan.
  • Zero clearance inbuilt models so you can create a fireplace on any wall in your home.
  • Wood burning cookers
  • Wood burning water heaters
  • Models with bottom ash clearance (so you don't have to wait for the fire to go out to clean it)

Ensure you only buy a wood fire that meets clean air requirements.  Some local Councils require a development application to be lodged when installing a new wood fire.  In order to obtain certificate of compliance you will need approval, if required, from your Council. 

We only supply wood fires that will meet the rigorous requirements of our climate when fires are used for continuous periods at high heat so that you do not find yourself with a warped fire box in 2 years.