Gas Ducted Heating

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Whole House Heating

With ducted heating you never have to walk out of a warm room into a cold one.

Ducted central heating comprises a furnace connected to a series of outlets positioned strategically throughout your home installed either in the ceiling or under the floor.  The heating unit draws air from inside your home into a return air grille.  From here it then flows into the furnace where it’s warmed, then distributed to every room via outlets as warm, gentle air.

Ducted central heating offers flexibility through zoning.  Zoning enables you to divide your home into sections so living areas can be heated during the day with sleeping areas added at night, or whatever suits you.  Zoning is not only practical but economical and can reduce your gas bill.

Key Points

  • Consistent warmth throughout the whole home
  • Instant and Quiet Heat
  • The most effective and inexpensive way to power any heater is with natural gas.
  • Ducted Central Heating heats your whole house.
  • Warm air flows through small outlets into every room.
  • Fully programmable controllers available on all models.
  • Upgrade to dual cycle.
  • Isolate heating zones to suit your family.
  • Healthy and safe—no ash, fumes, exposed hot surfaces or naked flames. 
    No allergy or fume emissions.

The Nitty Grittys!

  • An average ducted heating system costs around $4000—$5000 fully installed. (Some are less and some are more—it depends on the size of the heater required for your home and the star rating of the furnace you choose!)
  • Corby’s Heating & Cooling will not compromise on the design or materials used in your heating system.
  • All systems are sized and designed in accordance with manufacturers specifications using custom computer software to ensure it is sized correctly for our climate.
  • All ducting and fittings are R1.0 insulated (essential in our climate to reduce heat loss through the systems) and comply with Australian Building Code Standards for fire resistance.
  • For a detailed quote, we need a plan (or mud map) of your home.  We will size it then come and inspect your home and consult with you to ensure a hassle free installation that will leave you with a heating system tailored to suit your home and lifestyle!