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Don’t Make a Costly Mistake!

Air-conditioning isn’t something you really want to buy off the showroom floor like a fridge.  It’s much trickier than that.

Air-conditioners are not limited to the hi-wall split systems on offer in your local appliance store and a lot of people make costly mistakes when they buy air-conditioning.  Get it wrong and it could cost you hundreds of dollars in extra running costs.  You might end up with something so noisy you can’t hear the TV or poorly located outlets blowing your papers across the room!

With air-conditioning, all sorts of things come into play.  The direction your home faces, how many doors you have, how big your windows are, the type of floor coverings, insulation and walls your have.  Microclimate variations and the effect of shading trees and eave overhangs are just some of the things to consider in the sizing and installation of your air-conditioner.  Not forgetting personal preferences, home décor and construction.

Corby’s Heating & Cooling can assess the type of air-conditioning best suited to your home and offer you options to suit your needs and budget.

What Type of Air-conditioner?

Corby’s Heating & Cooling only offer systems that will perform in our climate and provide you with year round comfort control in your home or commercial premises.  We also install and provide you with the warranty and after sales service for your system - so we want to make sure you have the right system first time and that it will be reliable.

There are a multitude of systems available.  Some of the features available are:

  • Individual control in each area (or even room) of your home.
  • Multiple indoor units available in a variety of configurations operating from a single outdoor unit.
  • PC software to provide fully automated control of your climate control system.
  • Inverter technology to reduce running costs.