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Hints for Efficient Operation of Your Climate Control System

  • Ensure your system is sized correctly for the area you want to heat or cool. Shut the doors to other rooms if you don't have ducting.
  • Ensure the system you use is suitable for the climate (e.g. evaporative cooling is not likely to work very well in the tropics!)
  • Keep the thermostat at the temperature you want the room to be. Turning it up higher for heating or down lower for cooling will not make the room heat or cool any quicker but it will make the system work harder and consume more energy.
  • On very cold nights, leave a heater on a low setting overnight rather than turning it off. In the morning it will not have to work so hard to bring the room up to the required temperature.
  • Insulate walls and ceilings and use window coverings with backings or 3 pass rating.
  • Check the Star rating of the appliance you are installing.  The higher the star rating the lower your running costs will be for a comparable appliance.

Air-conditioner Installations

  • Installation of a split-system air conditioner generally costs at least $700, depending on the location and distance pipes/power have to run.
  • Cool air is heavier than warm air. So, for optimum cooling, the air outlet should be installed as close to the ceiling as possible, with the louvres pointing horizontally or upward. That way the cool air can spread out, drop down and cool the whole room; for heating, point the louvres downwards.
  • It’s generally better to install an air conditioner on a longer wall of a room, but your installer will recommend the best place for your situation.
  • Air conditioners can be noisy, so consider your neighbours and where your windows are when deciding where to install the outdoor unit.
  • The outdoor unit of your split system needs to be installed on a firm base or attached to a wall, using sturdy brackets  (which we will supply as part of your installation price). It can be located up to 25m away from the indoor unit so you don't HAVE to have your condenser sitting on your front verandah.
  • We will not install your air-conditioner plugged into a power point.  Each air-conditioner we install has it's own power circuit with an isolation switch in your meter board.