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This page contains useful information regarding use and operation of climate control systems.  We also answer some frequently asked questions and provide links to useful related sites along with links other local trades & services.

Comparitive Running Costs

(Data supplied by Sustainable Energy Authority)

The actual running costs of a system will depend on a range of variables. These include:

  • the size of your heater
  • whether it is sized correctly for the area...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ducted gas furnaces should be serviced every 2 years (Braemar recommend annual service). If we have installed your furnace, you will automatically be added to our service schedule and we will contact you when it is due with instructions on how...

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Use & Operation

  • Ensure your system is sized correctly for the area you want to heat or cool. Shut the doors to other rooms if you don't have ducting.
  • Ensure the system you use is suitable for the climate (e.g. evaporative cooling is no...

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