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Hydronic Heating

Use energy efficient furnaces to heat water that will circulate through your home either in the slab or via radiators to produce a soft ambient warmth throughout your home.  Also have the option to utilise your solar hot water system.

What is Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating uses hot water to provide whole home heating. If used wisely, it can be an economical and highly effective form of central heating. In most hydronic systems, the water is heated in a boiler, and then pumped through piping to panel radiators or convectors positioned in each room. Heat is transferred directly from these to the room air. In-slab (‘floor coil’) systems are also available. In these, the heated water is pumped through piping laid in a concrete slab floor during its construction. Heat is released into the slab, and subsequently into the room.

Can I use my hydronic heating system to supply domestic hot water?

Many hydronic heating boilers are also able to provide domestic hot water. These are often referred to as ‘combination’ boilers. Generally, providing hot water will add approximately $400–$500 to the cost of a low water content boiler and up to $900 to the cost of a storage boiler. Hydronic systems provide ‘instantaneous’ domestic hot water, similar to that produced by continuous flow hot water systems, but are generally less efficient for this purpose than most domestic hot water systems. *

*Source: Sustainable Energy Authority


What about solar?

Solar hot water systems can be used to provide hot water for your hydronic system. These ‘combination’ systems are now commercially available. Solar power is also the most environmentally-friendly fuel source as it does not contribute to greenhouse pollution.