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Electric Space Heaters

The ideal solution to heating bedrooms and other small rooms.  We have a selection of energy efficient panel heaters and electric flame fires to choose from.

Electric Panel Heaters

What are they?

These slim line electric, natural convection heaters are the ideal solution for heating bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and any other smaller rooms up to 25m²

They have the lowest running cost of any small electric heater and their natural convection mode of operation circulates the air to quickly warm up the room.

To take advantage of the speed and efficiency of these units, you must ensure you select the correct size for the area you are trying to heat or all benefits will be negated.

Panel heaters can be either wall mounted out of the way or have castors fitted for portability.

They come in either hard-wired or plug in options. Plug in models can be easily installed by the home handyman.

Panel heaters come in a variety of profiles so you can find one to suit every room.  They can also be interconnected to provide central heating with a variety of control systems available.

Running Costs  
Power RatingRoom SizeRunning Cost per hour
500 Watts(heats 5m2 room area)4 cents per hour
1000 Watts(heats 10m2 room area)5 cents per hour
1500 Watts(heats 15m2 room area)7 cents per hour
2000 Watts(heats 20m2 room area)9 cents per hour

based on 13c per kilowat hour rate

These costs are based on maintaining a continuous comfortable room temperature, utilising the inbuilt electronic thermostat,after reaching the required room temperature. It also assumes that the area to be heated has an insulated ceiling with a maximum of 3 metres and is closed off.

Other types of Electric Panel Heaters include Heated Towel Rails to warm your towels as well as your bathroom; and Radiant Panel Heaters to provide that extra level of comfort in Living Areas

Child Friendly and Safe

The heaters have a low surface temperature and are child safe.  Other safety features include:

  • Double insulated shock-proof casing
  • Safety catch on mounting bracket
  • Splash proof rating:     IP - 24
  • Safety cut-out switch if heater is covered
  • Fully-enclosed heating element

Electric Flame Fires

What are they?

Electric flame fires provide the ambience of a wood fire without the mess.  Available in a variety of configurations and styles, these fires provide a fire to suit your decor and lifestyle. 

With a lifelike 3D flame effect they can be installed in minutes and require no ventilation or costly installation.  A unique combination of radiant and convected heat fires come in either freestanding, inbuilt or wall mounted models and the flame effect can be used independently of the heat settings. 

Glass that stays cool to touch ensures safety from burns and there is no need for annual servicing