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Helping You Choose the Right Heating Solution

When the chill of winter descends, there is nothing more welcoming than a nice warm house to come home to. Buying a heating system isn't something you do every day. It is a big decision. When you choose a heater it is important to think about your lifestyle, not only now, but in the future too.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing a heating system are:

  • The size and design of your home;
  • Available energy source;
  • Which areas of the house you want heated and when;
  • How much control you want over the times the heater starts up and shuts down;
  • Safety and backup systems;
  • The manufacturer and installer of your heater;
  • Who will provide warranty and backup service for your heater;
  • Running costs;
  • The energy rating of the heater

Corby's Heating & Cooling are able to help you make an educated decision about heating systems for your home.  Our staff are committed to ensuring your heating system is correctly sized for the area you want to heat and meets the requirements of our cold climate.  We have a comprehensive range of gas, electric and wood heating systems to choose from.  See our products pages or visit our showroom for more details.

Gas Ducted Heating

Imagine your whole home all the same temperature! No more running from the bathroom or the bedroom to huddle in front of the heater. Natural Gas Ducted heating provides the most energy efficient form of whole house heating. I...

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Gas Space Heating

Ideal for heating single rooms. Choose from convective (air movement) or radiant (glowing panels) heat or consider the ambience of a flame fire without the hassle of wood. Flued systems are recommended to avoid build up of c...

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Reverse Cycle Air-conditioning

But you don’t really need cooling in our climate? Doesn’t matter—if you don’t have natural gas available, this is the most energy efficient form of heating (See our runnin...

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Electric Space Heaters

The ideal solution to heating bedrooms and other small rooms.  We have a selection of energy efficient panel heaters and electric flame fires to choose from.

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Wood Fires

Enjoy the ambience of wood either as a stand alone heat source or to compliment other heat sources. We select wood fires that have been designed and tested to exceed clean air requirements and offer superior fireboxes to disperse maximum amoun...

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Hydronic Heating

Use energy efficient furnaces to heat water that will circulate through your home either in the slab or via radiators to produce a soft ambient warmth throughout your home. Also have the option to utilise your solar hot water system.

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Other Heating Products

We offer a complete range heating appliances including:

  • radiant heating for large areas such as halls, churches, workshops and shops

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