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Imagine your whole home all the same temperature! No more running from the bathroom or the bedroom to huddle in front of the heater. Natural Gas Ducted heating provides the most energy efficient form of whole house heating.  Instant heat to the entire home and zoning provides flexibility to control your heating and reduce running costs.

Gas Ducted Heating

Ideal for heating single rooms.  Choose from convective (air movement) or radiant (glowing panels) heat or consider the ambience of a flame fire without the hassle of wood.  Flued systems are recommended to avoid build up of condensation and toxic fumes emitted from un-flued gas heaters in the home.

Gas Space Heating

But you don’t really need cooling in our climate?  Doesn’t matter—if you don’t have natural gas available, this is the most energy efficient form of heating.  The options for the delivery of the heat are extensive and wouldn’t it be just a little bit nice to turn on the cooling on those hot days?

Reverse Cycle Air-conditioning

The ideal solution to heating bedrooms and other small rooms.  These panels quickly distribute warm air and are thermostatically controlled to ensure running costs are minimized.  Much more energy efficient than an oil-filled column heater or other electric heaters—they will save you money!

Electric Panel Convectors

An excellent cooling option in our dry climate.  These systems circulate fresh air cooled by water through the home and are very efficient to run.  All major Australian manufacturers now offer water saving technology to ensure water usage is kept to a minimum.  You can even leave the doors open and still keep the house cool.

Evaporative Cooling

We offer a range of gas and electric radiant heating for large areas such as halls, churches, workshops and shops.  You can also see us for Solatube roof ventilation and skylight systems, room to room Heat Transfer Systems and more……

Other Products

Some Types of Climate Control Systems  we offer……...

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Enjoy the ambience of wood either as a stand alone heat source or to compliment other heat sources.  We select wood fires that have been designed and tested to exceed clean air requirements and offer superior fireboxes to disperse maximum amount of heat and withstand the high usage in our climate.  Choose from built-in or freestanding design.

Wood Fires


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Inbuilt or Freestanding. Zero Clearance Fire boxes