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Gas Space Heating

Choosing the Right Heater

Key Points

· Will heat a single room or open area up to about 75m˛

· Instant and Quiet Heat

· Heaters can be flued or portable.  Flued models are available in rear, side or top flue options.

· You can choose from flame fire, radiant  or convection type heaters.

· Heaters are thermostatically controlled and can come with programmable timer operation.

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There are many factors that influence the size of the heater you need.  They include:

· Climate—The Snowy Mountains climate is very cold and a larger capacity heater is needed than would be required to heat the same area in a more temperate zone.

· Area—It is important to consider the total area you want to heat.  By choosing a correctly sized heating system, you will prevent the feeling of draughts and allow the heater to operate at maximum efficiency.  And remember, bigger is not necessarily better!

· Heat Loss—A well insulated home with thermal window coverings will retain heat up to 30% better than an un-insulated home with no window coverings.  These factors are all taken into account when we size your heating system.