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Helping You Choose the Right Cooling Solution

Did you know that not all cooling systems are created equal?

Did you know that size DOES count and that bigger isn't necessarily better?

There are two main types of home cooling to consider. Evaporative Cooling and Refrigerated Air-conditioning. About the only thing they have in common is that they create cool air.

Corby's Heating & Cooling are able to help you make an educated decision about cooling systems for your home and will SUPPLY & INSTALL the system you choose to be most suitable for your lifestyle. They will also carry out after sales and warranty service.

We are able to offer a complete range of cooling systems from whole house ducted to single room in either refrigerated or evaporative systems.

Contact us with the dimensions of the area you want cooled and we will be happy to help narrow the choices from the vast array of options available.


Don't Make a Costly Mistake..........

Air-conditioning isn’t something you really want to buy off the showroom floor like a fridge. It’s much trickier than that.


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Evaporative Cooling

Cool Your Home Naturally

Evaporative Coolers work by combining the natural process of evaporation with a simple fan. A fan blows water cooled outside air into the building and the warm air inside is then forced out &nd...;

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